One of the 1ˢᵗ Solar Powered Footwear Manufacturer.
One of the 1ˢᵗ Solar Powered Footwear Manufacturer.


One of the 1ST Solar Powered Footwear Manufacturer.
One of the 1ST Solar Powered Footwear Manufacturer.

We are connoisseurs of Aesthetics Shoes for every season Footwear that fits your mood

We are connoisseurs 
 of Aesthetics
Shoes for 
 every season
Footwear that 
 fits your mood

Who We Are

Our Legacy

Great things happen when friends come together. This is the legacy of SGFL.

The SGFL Story

Walk with us as we piece together an empire.

Value Proposition

With its unique mix of characteristics, SGFL takes a separate stage in the market.

Our Culture

The essence of what makes SGFL.

What We Do

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Our Plant

Our manufacturing facilities around the world produce
over 13 million pairs annually. Our plant in Gujrat has a pair capacity of 10 million and features 5 DESMA machines,
4 GUSBI machines, and 2 Vulcanizers.

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Our Process

SGFL’s process includes all aspects of manufacturing, from
product designing, development, stitching, and the making
of sole and heel to assembling products with packing,
labeling, and shipping. Our smooth process workflow,
combined with the expertise of local craftsmen, foreign
technicians, and designers, has enabled us to keep
delivering unmatched products.

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Our Competence

Our proficiency, attention to detail, expertise, and overall capability in our methodologies has resulted in a vast array of certifications and collected accolades. SGFL successfully deals with large capacities of multiple products across various types and does so with expert skill and workmanship.

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Our Partners

Revolutionizing the art of footwear

Service global footwear limited

Our Legacy

When Ch. Nazar Muhammad (Late), Ch. Muhammad Hussain (Late) and Ch. Muhammad Saeed (Late) came together, a great idea was born. With the start of a small business in 1941, they laid the base of what was to become a legacy like no other.
It all started with a small setup in Lahore where they manufactured handbags and sports goods. With their determination, skill and wit they were able to expand and were soon supplying goods all across India.
The dawn of 1954 saw a shoe manufacturing plant being installed in Gulberg, Lahore. This plant began manufacturing a wide range of footwear, and set out to redefine the footwear experience for all. With relentless hard work, humility and fairness the production side flourished into one that was fashioning over 40000 pairs of world-class shoes everyday, and generating annual revenues north of USD 92 million.
1987 saw the birth of SGFL to overlook the export side of the business, it grew to now operate 8 assembly lines, while boasting of diverse product development capability. And that’s not all, with large volumes of export goods being sent out to countries like Germany, France and Italy, SGFL has set out to continue evolving into an organization that holds flexibility at its core, and growth as its goal.
Their legacy is rich and their eyes are set on the goal – to manufacture unmatched world-class footwear.

The SGFL Story

SGFL has more than just a prime spot in Lahore.

Ever since its inception in 1987, Servis has continued an upscale growth having reached a capacity of 4.0 million pairs/year to this day. Being Pakistan’s largest footwear manufacturer is no small feat in itself. This coupled with fully integrated units where products are handled and created with the utmost care and perfection, as well as an intrinsic focus on sustainable development, SGFL has spread its roots strong and wide.

Alongside this growth which has found its way to the setting up of a plant in Sri Lanka as well – SGFL has not forgotten to give back to the land. We are proud to say that SGFL is Asia’s first Solar Powered footwear manufacturer with nearly 55% dependency on renewable energy. Combine these values with SGFL’s list of Compliance and Certifications including ISO-9001, ISO-14001, and ISO-45001, you have an organization that is holistic, futuristic, and friendly.

With expertise present on all levels, SGFL is en route to unmatched growth and unscaled peaks.

Value Proposition

SGFL believes and takes pride in local produce and potential. And with Pakistan being one of the biggest leather producers to date, it forms the perfect match. With our locally sourced, high quality leather and expert craftsmen, our specialization in leather footwear is unmatched.

Our sales and supply chain provide a high level of services through our sourcing office in China, and numerous sales and marketing offices in the US, UK, EU, Canada and South America. While our Green Energy dependency, local material sourcing strategy and being part of the Leather Working Tanneries (LWG) allows us to bring the best products at the best prices to our clients, who remain happy, satisfied and at peace.

At SGFL, we aim to put forward products that are exceptional in quality and design, while celebrating Pakistan’s local produce and potential!

Our Culture

Authenticity is the game-changer.

When we put together authenticity with an environment of inclusion, we manage to create a workplace that is positive and healthy. And it is within a healthy workplace that employees truly prosper.

At SGFL, we believe in giving our best – to customers and employees alike. We emphasize on quality and innovative ideas. In our workplace, we bridge gaps and forge teams that work together well. With our well-oiled, smooth-sailing teams, the ideas that are put forward are unique and fresh.

With commitment to the SGFL mission, and continuous learning as centers, our workforce shines and thrives. This, together with our dream ratio of a seasoned to a young team is what solidifies our roots, and allows us to boast of one of the lowest employee turnovers – a factor that we are beyond proud of.

Our Plants

SGFL believes and takes pride in local produce, and with Pakistan being one of the biggest leather producers to date, it forms the perfect match. With our locally sourced, high quality leather and expert craftsmen, our specialization in leather footwear is unmatched.

Factories of SIL

  • SGFL Murdike
    • Established in 1987
    • 3.4M Pair Capacity
    • 95% of production is exported
    • 3000+ Employees
  • SGFL Lanka
    • Established in 2015 in Colombo, Sri Lanka
    • 180k Pair Capacity
    • 100% of production is exported
    • 150+ Employees

Our Competence

SGFL comprises 4 state-of-the-art factories that serve their individual purposes, proudly. With an entire factory dedicated solely to component production, we produce wide-ranging operations and outsole types, including TPR, PU, EVA, TPU, PVC, Leather, and Sheet.

Our Factory-1, with a capacity of 1.4m pairs, operates 8 assembly lines and produces diversified products for a large array of brands. We have a second factory, with produce exclusively for Caprice, with a 1.2m pair capacity. Here we operate 7 assembly lines and expertly craft the process right from the R&D stage to design to salesman samples, all refined to the German hand feel.

Lastly, with a capacity of 0.8m pairs, our Factory-3 proudly handles Dockers’ complete business, with a specialization in casual men’s shoes.

That’s not all there is. SGFL has the expertise to manufacture a vast list of shoe constructions, including Strobel, Lasted, Moccasin, Stitch & Turn, Strago, Hand-Stitched, and California to name a few. And we do all that and more while keeping our buyers’, employees’ and organization’s best interests at heart.

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